I work closely with small business owners, helping them achieve strategic goals, remove growth obstacles, and address common operational challenges.

Experience an Online Business Management service, dedicated to making your business vision a reality.

helping businesses flourish.

There’s no denying it – running a business is like running a marathon. While we can visualize the finish line, the challenges demand superhuman effort. I’m here to support you in this often solitary journey of entrepreneurship, celebrating your wins and tackling obstacles together. Let’s build systems that help your business to not only survive, but also flourish!


You needed this really great free thing, like yesterday…

Business Process Optimization Checklist: A handy checklist designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you who are looking to streamline their business processes and optimize efficiency. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a more organized and efficient business.


Streamline . Grow Your Business . Increase Revenue

Online Business Management

Whether you are looking to:

➢ Define and refine your business processes.
➢ Use these outlined processes along with the right tools and strategies to build systems.
➢ Ensure seamless day to day operations.
➢ Manage projects from start to successful completion.
➢ Apply heart-centered team management tailored to your growing business….

You name it, I’ve got you covered! Let’s work together to make you business shine!

90-Day Breakthrough Strategy Session

Not ready to bring on a team member? Don’t let that stop you! My 90 Day Breakthrough Session is designed to resource you with a sound action plan that you can implement on your own.

Committed to your success

You’re ready to run the thriving business you’ve always envisioned – one that operates smoothly without your constant involvement and without you wearing all the hats. Let’s chat!

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You don’t realize how much you need someone like Essy until you’ve made the decision to work with her.

I felt like I was treading water in my business – I loved my job but was struggling with strategy & constantly falling behind with client emails. Essy helped me streamline my processes and show up better for my clients. She keeps me organized and prevents things from falling through the cracks, even in the toughest of moments.

She puts so much care into her work and took time to really understand my brand, my values and the way I interact with my clients. She’s absolutely wonderful to work with, always there with a kind word and feedback when I need it. I could not be happier and couldn’t possibly recommend her more!

paige g.


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