How we show up

Every March, when Women’s History Month rolls around, I cannot help but observe a little closer, and just be in awe of how women show up in and for the world around them. How they’ve shown up throughout history, breaking barriers, serving others selflessly, sacrificially. Pouring our hearts out in compassion yet still managing to be tenacious when people mess us, or the ones we love. It’s incredible to watch!

Breaking barriers

And no matter the barriers and discrimination we face, we keep achieving, keep succeeding, keep pushing and keep carrying the world on our shoulders. If you can’t tell, I totally soak it in, even though I’m well aware that the world still has a long way to go in supporting women and everything we are – ALL we are!

Women in business

When it comes to navigating entrepreneurship as a woman, well that’s a whole other post. I know a guy 😉 who keeps saying “Women are quietly crushing it in business”. This has been a mantra for him for years now. Like, I’m not even kidding. It may as well be the tagline for his food photography business. He studies their strategies, tactics, communication methods, what they offer their audience, how they offer it. It’s an amazing thing for me to watch and be a part of. 

My encouragement to you

If you’re reading this and are not a woman, I truly hope you’ll take time to celebrate the women in your life.

Women!! You’re incredible! The challenges you have to overcome, the weight you have to carry, the details you have to remember, the care you have to give, the hurt you have to power through, how harrrddd you truly have to work! All of it is not for nothing. Without us, I cannot imagine what our world would look like. So keep doing what you’re doing. Keep crushing it however you choose, whether quietly, or not so quietly, because you’re absolutely incredible 🥳 .

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